Welcome to MilGear CivRev

This site was created in an effort to consolidate information and reviews on military gear that excels in outdoor civilian applications.

Many outdoor enthusiasts choose military gear over commercial products, as they are typically more rugged, less expensive, and are made to perform under extreme conditions and prolonged use. 

The goal of this site is to educate people on buying/using/maintaining military gear that excels in everyday activities, where commercial product options may fall short in one area or another (price, durability, etc).

If you can live with the camo/drab color options, you can get some excellent outdoor gear for cheap!


Ask questions, post experiences, and share your knowledge! There is no perfect product out there that excels in every aspect of every activity, so let’s help each other find out what piece of gear is perfect for our next outdoor activity and weather condition.

If you would like to contribute any content, send an email to requests@milgearcivrev.com and we will set you up an account so you can share your own reviews and experiences.